Have you put out a social media SOS?

Is it an area that just does your head in?
Well, we hear you loud and clear!
I bet I know why you're here ...

You are on social media every day and create content regularly but there's just crickets... (you know, nothing!) 
Or perhaps you know you "should" be on social, but you really have no idea where to start.

You might just feel like you can't write awesome social content because you don't know how to...

Maybe it's your message ... (whatever that is, you say) ... or you feel your words are boring ... or is it a target market thing, like you don't know who your business bestie is?
And what all those things really mean is that you're not converting as much online as you'd like to be...NO SALES or NEW CLIENTS :(
Well, we've heard your SOS!
And the ultimate 5-day Social Media SOS Content Writing Challenge is here to rescue you ... it's FREE and full of juiciness!

So let's break down what you are going to learn and DO over our 5 days together! 

It's going to blow your mind and your social media content is going to blow up the internet!

So let's get started; here's what you can expect!

5 posts, 5 days, high engagement, high 5!
Be organised,
​​​​​​​be social

Is your social media rushed or planned? Organised or disorganised? Working or not working? ​​​​​​​Let's map out 5 days of content with a mini plan you can use again and again every single week!

Who are you and what's your point?

Have you ever stopped to think about what the point is to all the content you are putting out there? Let's get rid of posting randomly "just because" with really juicy content that will have your audience begging for more! 

No selling allowed, soul stories only!

Did you just breathe a sigh of relief? So many people are scared to sell on social and that's because technically you don't sell! Instead you share special pieces of targeted information to build a connection!

Write quickly and effectively in 5 mins

Are you telling stories? Lots of stories? ​​​​​​​If you’d like to know how to harness the power of telling stories, this is how we do it! Learn how to write them from a journalistic point of view.


LIVE check-in at 7PM (we will let you know the finer details!) this is so you can jump in ask questions. All the people live will receive a special surprise, plus we will be sharing HOT TIPS!

5 steps, more
​​​​​​​social sales!

Want more clients? ASAP? Let me ask you this … would you like your words to help you get more clients? If you want your words to work for you - let's go from NOW to WOW!

Don't wait, get signed up right now. This new challenge officially kicks off on October 29 with a LIVE call in the Facebook group at 9am!) so we can do it together! 

We will do Facebook Lives every day of the challenge for accountability!

Discover the secrets behind AMAZING
social media content

... and how to really ramp it up and get
engagement (and the results) you've only
​​​​​​​dreamed possible in the past! 

... each day we work together on your social
media for that day - and POST ASAP so you
can get real-time results!

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