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Lyndal had 20 inquiries from 1 promo post. She converted 10 new clients.

This more than paid for her Wow School experience!!

She had a $500 product.

Thank you Elizabeth Campbell for showing me how to blog to boost my business, literally! After getting back into consistent blogging I’ve raised my profile and monetised from my recent blogs with two direct enquiries converting into sales for my two-day business workshop!
The Connection Queen, Janja Bojanic, Connection Consulting

And the same thing happened to Amanda!

With $3600 worth of leads from her promo post!

She had a $1,200 service.

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It was Janja who scored massive sales from a blog post she wrote!

She got two new awesome business besties from that post and $4000!!

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He credits everything he has done online to Wow School (6 figure deals, guest posting position, winning sales copy, people know who he is, page one of google in 1 month).

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