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The Wow Words content planning and writing course is closed for 2019

But you can join our waitlist to be the first to get access to the next opening!

Words not working for you and content is just doing your head in?

No engagement, no comments, no inquiries or
new clients from your online efforts??


The Wow Words content planning and writing course

A complete content strategy course that you can duplicate for any content project to quickly plan and write share-worthy, clickable content that gets you engagement and converts into leads and clients.

What is the Wow Words Course?

It is a 4-part content planning and writing, self-paced course to get more engagement from your social media content and reap the rewards of an abundance of leads and inquiries.

This course is for you if you are a:

- business owner
- service provider
- full-time employee looking to start your business
- network marketer
- coach or mentor
- course creator

It is our proven content strategies, tips and techniques to help you plan and map your content, write wow that entice your audience and generate more leads and sales.

It covers the Content Foundations including:

- strategic topics your audience is attracted to

- your personal message/s and how to insert those into your content

- understanding your audience and how to find out what they need from you so you are always step ahead of them

- Wow Words (TM): Our tried, tested and proven formula that will have your audience saying "you read my mind"

- 10 x social media content writing templates
- 1 x blog writing template
- 1 x website content writing template
- 1x story-writing template

What's inside the online course?!

TARGET: understanding and identifying your
​​​​​​​target market and what they need from you (including the issues they have) – how to WRITE for your target market!

MESSAGE: identifying your message/s for your content. One of the most frequent questions I get is … what is a message, anyway?! Let’s clear that up with my proven “Know your Message” framework

WOW FACTOR: identifying yours and BB’s Wow Words (major money step!) and then how to actually use those Wow Words (TM) – yes we have trademarked those words! WOW!​​​​​​​

TOPICS: coming up with what to write about quickly and  easily (and the topics your target market want from you). Plus the areas you can help them with so they turn to you FOREVER!

TEMPLATES: writing frameworks so you can start to get out there more (especially on social media) and engage the right people. So then you can get right down to writing for your business besties!

CONTENT, SOCIAL & PROMO PLANS: how to deliver your social media content to your business bestie to get the best outcomes. This includes how to find and use Facebook groups effectively.

What people are saying

Mark, money mentor

The course has been helpful in it has focused my attention more deeply on the people I Iike to help and how I like to help them.

I am now also reflecting in more detail on who I am and how I want to help people. 

The writing workshop was the best two hours and of fantastic value. I am so so glad I took the time out for it! Thank you!

Ruth, essential oils industry

Liz really gets you thinking in a different way and I do find I am already writing content from the perspective of my customers which is actually easier than me trying to be clever.

Thank you Liz for sharing your knowledge and this Wow Words Mini Course, which I will keep coming back to as wonderful resource.

3 x 2-hour Writing Workshops per year
Access to the Wow Words content planning and writing course forever
Worksheet: how to promote your business, yourself and your content
Template: Your Easy Promotion Plan
Writing Template: How to write a piece of promo content 
20+ other content templates at your fingertips
FAQ: How is it delivered?

It is an introductory program under the Wow School banner and will be delivered through:

- online workbooks
- worksheets
- webinars
- videos


- it is self-paced but will officially run for 4 weeks
- you will receive email reminders
- all the content will be available to you if you want to skip ahead 

- you will also be added to the Wow School Facebook group